Sports Psychology

Is a branch of psychology that studies the psychic processes and the human conduct during sports activities. This applied science tries to know and optimize the internal conditions on the athlete to achieve the full expression its physical, technical and tactical potential acquired in the process of preparation.

A sports psychologist helps the competitor control stress, produces an emotional and conduct disorganization that can affect its performance. On the other hand, it tries to pass from the expectation of success(when the athlete feels that his ability is directly associated to athletic victory) to the expectation of efficiency(for the actions and technical movements occupies his attention and feelings).


Besides, a sports psychologist is in charge of assisting, athletes, trainers and teams, works with concentration, anxiety control, fears and confidence.  For doing this, a psychology professional not only works with his patients at a clinical level but also in the field or in the sports facilities were they practice their sport as the fields or gyms.