M.A. Lucía Barraza

Lucía Barraza, M.A. is a clinical psychologist who has a Master’s Degree on Clinical Psychology and Mental Health and has a specialty on Sports Psychology accredited by the Rafael Landivar University and by San Carlos University, from whom she has been a university professor. Besides, she has post graduate courses from the Andalucia University, Spain and from the Hoogeschool Leiden University, Holland. Lucía Barraza, M.A. is part of the College of Psychologist of Guatemala and is also part of the Iberoamerican Society of Sports Psychologists.

With the inclusion Lucia Barraza, M.A. we have the capacity to offer an orientation that consists on the development of programs to plan the psychologic training together with the physical, technical and tactical training of the athlete, which is important to learn to improve and apply the psychological skills from the start of the sport career until the maximum level of execution, typical of the elite athletes. This helps the athlete to be secure with themselves, and to concentrate on their performance and feel enthusiastic to compete, dominate their fears, achieve control of their behaviors and to obtain the greatest satisfaction possible in their sports practice. She has extensive experience on the area of sports, with athletes that play individual or team games, working some time ago with some of the most prominent tennis and badminton players of Guatemala at the CDAG.

Her wide experience of more than 14 years on Clinical Psychology and Mental Health with the knowledge of techniques that help us maintain balance on our lives, with the attention to patients that need personal self-development whether on the academic, professional, emotional and social life, bringing therapies to children, teenagers and adults. She has experience in marriage and/or family therapies, mood disorders, grief, addictions, motivational workshops and corporate advice. Everything is governed under the practice of professional confidentiality. Lucia Barraza, M.A. besides her native Spanish, speaks English fluently.