Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is responsible for the investigation of all the factors that affect the mental health and the adaptative conduct using the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention, in conditions that can generate a subjective discomfort and suffering of a human individual.  We could define it as a branch of psychology that investigates and applies its principles to the unique and exclusive situation of each patient, to reduce its tensions and help him to function in a more efficient and more meaningful way. Its objective is to understand and improve human conduct, having as purpose to help find happiness and eliminate suffering.

A clinical psychologist studies the conducts and ways of relating of the individuals, proceeding to the prevention, diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment of the personality disturbances that occur in infancy, on adulthood or old age, in its individual aspects, in its adaptation to work, family and social environment.

In essence, it is a person dedicated to help others and treat all types of human conduct problems and of good living.