Arthroscopic Surgery

(Meniscus / Tendon / Ligament / Cartilage)

An arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that involves performing at least two small incisions or portals on the skin, and can be done on the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle from which the programmed surgery can be performed. This surgery leads to a better and faster recovery because of its minimally invasive nature and produces very small scars.

The most frequent procedures performed by this technique are in shoulder: rotator cuff repair, repair of instability or dislocation, repair of biceps lesions, subacromial decompressions, repair of acromioclavicular joint injuries, repair of SLAP lesions, treatment of calcifying tendinitis and arthrofibrosis. On the elbow, injuries like tennis and golferĀ“s elbow can be treated, as well as cartilage lesions. On the knee meniscal repairs, cartilage injuries, anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstructions, osteochondritis dissecans and some patellofemoral problems. And last on the ankle foreign bodies, traumatic cartilage lesions and osteochondritis dissecans.